• Mark is the commercial and administratif brain. 

  • Always searching for new customers.

  • Gives our designers a briefing for a amasing design.

  • Everything the customers want he arranges it. 

  • Nothing is too much for him.

  • Excellent projectmanager.

  • Very customer friendly!!.


  • Very experienced foreman/carpenter.

  • Is always relaxed, keeps overview and knows how to clear the job into the time given.

  •  Is not affraid for a big project, a real challenge for him.


  • Dyllan started as youngest employee.

  • First 1 day a week to school and the rest of the week working in our productionroom.
  • Somethimes to a build up or break down.

  • Learning by doing.

  • Now he developed to a standbuilder and interiorbuilder. 

  • He knows what he is doing.

  • Ease, helpfull and still learning.


  • Our administrative brain.

  • Due to her background in the IT she is continiously optimilazing our process.


  • Creating beautifull and eyecatchy stands is his challenge. 

  • As a designer/projectmanager he works out the complete stand looking at the finest details.

  • Independend, eager to learn and very helpfull to everybody.


  • Standbuilding and painting is his passion.

  •  Quality comes first. 

  • Our proud painter from Kroatia does his job only on a Excellent way.


  • Retired buth with 50 years experience he is our questionary.

  • Courier, cleaning,  enjoyable.

  • A few hours a week but very appreciated by all colleageu.


  • Our student.

  • Repairs our rental equipment.

  • Always happy en helpfull.


  • Our student.

  • Fixes walls and sometimes he joines us on location.

  • Always happy and joking.

  • Parttime model but if he really has the looks?