SIXpack is founded in January 2005 . During the startfase the experienced crew of boothbuilders created a productionroom and an office in a old factory from Philips in Eindhoven.

SIXpack has a productionroom from 500 m2, 100 m2 office and a storageroom from 600 m2. In our production we have several machines to realize our booths and interiors. Now the crew of SIXpack has 10 members with al long trackrecord in building booths and interiors worldwide.

All disciplines in this team are represented; design, calculation, pre-production, building-up, breakdown at location and afterservice. If necessary SIXpack can relay of a team of external boothbuilders. So we can realize several projects on the same time, regardless of space, desing, style, or location.

SIXpack realize their projects worldwide. Since our start we realized projects in: Eindhoven, Utrecht, Maastricht, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Nuerenberg, Munchen, Nice, Paris, Brussels, Antwerpen, Gent, Bologna, Barcelona, Moscow, London and Birmingham.

Our mission

Create and realize attractive beatifull concepts,
for satisfied customers with satisfied people.

In 2005 SIXpack realized 66 projects. Since that time there was a big grow.
In 2016 we realized 201 projects. Big, small, simple, exclusive.
Booths and interiorprojects.
Results which all crewmembers are proud off.

"The secret of our success
is doing ordinary things unusually well"